CDC Releases Direct Evidence that Vaccines Cause Food Allergies

I have questioned before whether (1) are allergies present before the vaccine is given and it triggers more issues with the body like ADHD, Regressive Autism, or auto immune disorders. Or (2) are the vaccines causing the allergies and then in turn also causing the rise of Regressive Autism, ADHD and other auto immune disorders. These are really two different scenarios. Are the vaccines only part of the cause or the entire cause? And what has changed that is causing this to happen? Is it the ingredients or is there another issue, like GMO food? Is there a chain reaction? Because for someone to say we used to get vaccines and nothing would happen to present day were all these children AND adults are having issues, something HAS changed and we need to figure it out and fix it! Here is an article released by the CDC with direct evidence, just follow the link below.

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Is Autism Recovery Real?

I read this article tonight that I will share with you about whether or not recovery of autism is real or fake.  This, being bullied, is going to happen if you are going to try and recover your child.  What people need to understand is what recovery means.  It means milestones have been met.  For us it was him looking at us, talking to us and interacting with other children again.  He “is” considered recovered and if you don’t believe us ask our families, our friends and the school that has been working with him since he was 20 months old.   He reads, he writes, he can make his own breakfast and learned to ride a two wheel bike.  Our son, now 7 years old, plays with other children and they accept him for who he is.  When he gets excited he will flap like a chicken and when he is nervous or bored he will make strange noises.  His mind just works a little different now and we are learning how he learns.  He reads a few grade levels ahead of where he is but hates to write.  Our son can do addition and multiplication but has trouble with subtraction.  He is so smart and I think daily he teaches me new things. Dylan is funny and just a good kid, for all of that I am thankful for his recovery.  We have our little boy back, he may be a different version but he is present. 

So to you parents out there who are getting bullied, just ignore them, they just don’t understand:)  Here is the article.

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What Is It About Food and Autism?

I read this article this morning and thought, “Yup, this is what we are still dealing with.”  Even though our son is considered recovered, this is a lingering issue with him.  I am not sure if we will ever win the battle with him and food.  But as I read the article I felt better because we have already been doing everything it said to do.  That of course happened through our own discovery!  A friend of ours, maybe a couple of friends, just don’t understand what we go through with him and can understand why we just don’t starve him until he eats what is in front of him.  We always say that we have tried that and HE WILL CHOOSE TO STARVE HIMSELF!  But still you can tell they think we aren’t doing it right and that we give in.  Oh well, it isn’t their child or problem.  Maybe one day they will get it. 

So here is the link to the article if you are having trouble with your ASD child and food…

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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

This video is an eye opener.

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Autism and Learning a New Language

Well we are now four days into our new school here in Lindenberg, Germany.  The Grundschule or elementary school here is the only school in the state of Bavaria that is integrative.  So once again I feel lucky that we landed in the best school system for our son.  Our daughter has adjusted well, as she is our social butterfly and language is no barrier for her, she plays no matter what.  Dylan on the other had is doing his best to not learn the language or so we think.  The Para-educator that was assigned to Dylan seems to think he understands a lot of what she is saying when she speaks to him in German.  And this is good, it means he is taking it all in just like we thought he would.  My husband read the other day that children of there age should learn another language because it opens up new pathways in the brain.  Interesting I thought!  This is great for Dylan, right!?  Once again stumbling onto something new… maybe every mentally challenged child should learn a new language.  Maybe it will open up pathways to something he had lost during his regression.  Most school in the U.S.A. are starting some type of language at a very young age and this is good.  But here for us to survive in this country it is necessary that we all learn it. 

Dylan’s Para-educator is a blessing from heaven!  I feel like I have met her before, as weird as that sounds, I do.  She had lived in the U.S.A. for five years with her husband before returning back to Germany, so her English is great!  She has only worked with one Autistic boy there and yet I feel she just has an instinct for it.  Yesterday, she had asked some questions about visual charts and I said, “YES!” They are a must.  But I didn’t have to tell her, she figured it out after being with him for 3 days.  He learns visually and this is a great method for him to make it through a busy day without loosing focus to much.  I should tell her to put the words in German;) 

So I will keep everyone posted that follows this blog on how Dylan does on learning a new language and the changes I see in him from doing so.  

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Why All The Measles Outbreaks…

Measles Outbreak, Don’t Blame The Unvaccinated!

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Cholesterol and Autism

Funny, you never think of hearing cholesterol and autism in the same sentence.  Our son, Dylan, had extremely low levels of cholesterol.  From what we have learned you need cholesterol to make your brain function properly.  With low levels people will become suicidal and/or are unable to make decisions.   We had to add cholesterol to Dylan’s food… I never thought in a million years I would of done that to any food!  But we did and it worked.  So anyways, here is an article I would like to share.

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